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'Though she be but little, she is fierce' Key Ring£3.85
Aberaeron Concertina Card£3.00
Aberaeron Sunset Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Aberdyfi Bookmark£1.00
Aberystwyth Bookmark£1.00
Aberystwyth Concertina Card£3.00
Bannau Brycheiniog Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Beaufort Scale Small Tin Sign£10.00
Blodau Gwyllt Prydain Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Bwthyn Nadolig Small Square Greetings Card - 8 Pack£6.95
Cader Idris Enamel Mug£10.00
Calon Nadolig Small Square Greetings Card - 8 Pack£6.95
Calon O Flodau Half Pint Jug£15.00
Card lovers Send a Present£15.00
Christmas Card Bundle£16.00
Christmas Cottage Decoration Card - Cartref£3.80
Christmas Cottage Decoration Card - No 25£3.80
Christmas Cut Outs Bunting£10.50
Coeden Nadolig Small Square Greetings Card - 8 Pack£6.95
Colomennod Nadolig Small Square Greetings Card - 8 Pack£6.95
Colourful Matches Match Pot£19.00
Cottage Concertina Card£3.00
Cows Half Pint Jug£15.00
Daisy Bookmark£1.00
Ddraig - Dragon Key Ring£3.85
Deer Heart Bowl£15.00
Does Unman Yn Debyg Large Tin Sign£18.00
Dogs Pegboard£12.50
Ffenest Coch Nadolig Llawen Large Greetings Card£3.00
Ffenest Glas Nadolig Llawen Large Greetings Card£3.00
Folding Abeystwyth Christmas Card£2.50
Folding Running Hares Christmas Card£2.50
Foxes Heart Bowl£15.00
Gofyn Wyf Pegboard£12.50
Goldfinch Match Pot£19.00
Green And Birds Small Square Greetings Card - 8 Pack£6.95
Happy Christmas Red Window Large Greetings Card£3.00
Hare Heart Bowl£15.00
Harebells Small Chopping Board£12.00
Hares Concertina Card£3.00
Hares Dry Wipe Board£12.50
Hares Green Gusset Bag£7.50
Hares Half Pint Jug£15.00
Hares Wooden Decoration£4.50
Hearty Calon Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Home Pegboard£12.50
Iechyd Da Enamel Bottle Opener£8.00
Irish Home Blessing Large Greetings Card£2.40
Mackerel Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Matsis Match Pot£19.00
Merry Christmas Tin Sign£10.00
Meteor Calendar 2023 Concertina £3.00
Mushrooms Small Tin Sign£10.00
Mynyddoedd A Rhaeadrau Game£25.00
Mynyddoedd Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Nadolig Llawen Red Gusset Bag£7.50
Nadolig Llawen Tin Sign£10.00
Nadolig Llawen Wooden Decoration£4.50
New Quay Placemat£10.00
Note book Send a Present£12.00
Owl Wooden Decoration£4.50
Owls By Moonlight Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Pen Y Fan Enamel Mug£10.00
Reindeer Wooden Decoration£4.50
Robin Heart Bowl£15.00
Rocket Bookmark£1.00
Seasons Key Ring£3.85
Sleeping Cat Key Ring£3.85
Solstice Pegboard£12.50
Song Birds Large Chopping Board£24.00
Swallows Melamine Placemat / Table Mat£12.00
Tenby Placemat£10.00
The Holly and the Ivy Match Pot£19.00
Town Concertina Card£3.00
Tractors Enamel Bottle Opener£8.00
Un Cwtsh Mawr Key Ring£3.85
Village Peep Through Card£3.80
Welsh Coast Path Small Tin Sign£10.00
Welsh Ladies Memo White Board£12.50
Woodland Enamel Bottle Opener£8.00
Woodland Match Pot£19.00
Woodland Peep Through Card£3.80
Yr Wyddfa - Snowdon Enamel Mug£10.00
Daisy Lined Notebook£10.00
A Foragers Journal Lined Notebook£10.00
Fy Hoff Ryseitiau Lined Notebook£10.00
Harebells Notebook£10.00
Owls By Moonlight Lined Notebook£10.00
Swallows Lined Notebook£10.00
Full Moons Diary 2024£9.50
Full Moons Diary 2024 x 2£16.00
Soar Y Mynydd Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
3 Hares Badge£1.20
A Smooth Sea Greetings Card£2.40
Foxes and Snowflakes Advent Calendar£6.50
Solstice Advent Calendar£6.50
She Is Fierce Magnet£3.00
Aber Yn Y Eira Greetings Card - Mixed Pack Of 6£6.95
Aberaeron Bridge Greetings card - 6 Pack£6.95
Abergavenny Greetings Card£2.40
Abermaw Greetings Card£2.40
Abersoch Beach Huts Greetings Card£2.40
Full Moons 2024 Calendar - SOLD OUT for 2024!£10.00
Walking Wales 2024 Calendar£10.00
Aberystwyth Blue Chalkboard£18.00
Aberystwyth Blue Small Square White Frame£20.00
Aberystwyth Coaster£4.50
Aberystwyth Habour Framed Poster Print£40.00
Aberystwyth Harbour Square Greetings Card£2.40
Aberystwyth Jetty Large Mug£16.00
Aberystwyth Mono Framed Poster Print£40.00
Aberystwyth Mono Poster Print£12.00
Aberaeron Oven Gloves£25.00
Aberystwyth Oven Gloves£25.00
Aberystwyth Set of 4 Coasters£14.95
Aberystwyth Starlings Letterbox Greetings Card£2.40
Aberystwyth Sunset Greetings Card£2.40
Aberaeron Tote Bag£6.50
Aberystwyth Tote Bag£6.50
An exaltation of Larks Large Greetings card£2.40
An Exaltation of Larks Poster Print£12.00
Anatomeg Beic Greetings Card£2.40
Anthem On Driftwood Poster Print£12.00
Anthem Poster Print£12.00
Aquarium Magnet£3.00
Ar Lan Y Mor on Driftwood Square Greetings Card£2.40
Ar Lan Y Mor Small Square White Frame£20.00
Baa Baa Black Sheep Greetings Card£2.40
Baleen Whales Poster Print£12.00
Be True Square Greetings Card£2.40
Beaufort Scale - Journal Notebook£7.50
Beaufort Scale Framed Poster Print£40.00
Beaufort Scale Large Greetings Card£2.40
Beaufort Scale Poster Print£12.00
Beaufort Scale Tea Towel£12.50
Birds Square Greetings Card£2.40
Blodau Cymru Small White Frame£22.00
British Trees Small White Frame£22.00
Felin Fach, Pen Y Fan Small White Frame£22.00
Birthday Biker Large Greetings Card & Badge£3.50
Bleak Midwinter Square Greetings Card - 5 Pack£6.95
Seagulls View of Tenby Square Greetings Card£2.40
Night Walking, Rhossili Bay Greetings Card£2.40
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Llangollen Greetings Card£2.40
Aberaeron Small Notebook£2.25
Calon Lan Small Notebook£2.25
Cariad Small Notebook£2.25
Emily Dickinson Small Notebook£2.25
Flowers and Bees Small Notebook£2.25
Fox Small Notebook£2.25
Gardening Welsh Ladies Small Notebook£2.25
Mackerel Small Notebook£2.25
Paddling Welsh Ladies Small Notebook£2.25
Sunflower Small Notebook£2.25
Tan Y Bwlch Aberystwyth Small Notebook£2.25
Ynyslas Small Notebook£2.25
Aberystwyth Cynllunydd Wythnosol£6.50
Bold Hearts Cynllunydd Wythnosol£6.50
Hares Weekly Planner£6.50
Swallows Weekly Planner£6.50
Bristol Stool Chart Tea Towel£12.50
British Trees Full Colour Tea Towel£12.50
British Trees Large Greetings Card£2.40
British Trees Poster Print£12.00
Bugs Badge£1.00
Butterfly Badge£1.00
Cader Idris Framed Poster Print£40.00
Hearty Calon Lan Make-up / Travel bag£14.00
Calon Hapus Badge£1.20
Calon Lan a Calonnau Greetings Card£2.40
Calon Lan a Calonnau Full Colour Tea Towel£12.50
Solstice Full Colour Tea Towel£12.50
Calon Lan Magnet£3.00
Hearty Calon Lan Apron£19.00
Owls By Moonlight Lined Tote Bag£18.50
Hearty Calon Lan Oven Gloves£25.00
Hearty Calon Lan Tea towel£12.50
Cariad Greetings Card£2.40
Cariad Yw Popeth - Journal Notebook£7.50
Aberystwyth Sunset Canvas£32.00
Cartref Newydd Greetings Card£2.40
Cartref Newydd Square Greetings Card£2.40
Aberystwyth Snow and Gold Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Castle Point Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Castles of Wales Greetings Card£2.40
Cathod Cegin Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Cennin Pedr Collage Poster Print£12.00
Cennin Pedr Collage Square Greetings Card£2.40
Cennin Pedr Small Square White Frame£20.00
Ceredigion Coastal Path Poster Print£12.00
Chickens Poster Print£12.00
Cliff Railway Poster Print£12.00
Cloc Aberaeron Clock£28.00
Cloc Aberystwyth Clock£28.00
Clouds Postcard£1.25
Ceredigion Coast Path Portrait Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Constellations Poster Print£12.00
Daffodil Field Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Irish Home Blessing Fine Art Print£35.00£58.00
Irish Home Blessing Fine Art Print£35.00£44.00
Seasons Collection - November Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Seed Moon 2024 Fine Art Print£35.00£58.00
Sheltering Sheep Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Cusan Poster Print£12.00
Cut Out & Keep Christmas Tree Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Cwtch - Gift Decoration£3.00
Cwtsh - Gift Decoration£3.00
Cynllunydd Wythnosol Hearts Weekly Planner£6.50
Dant Llew Square Greetings Card£2.40
Dark Prom Poster Print£12.00
Ddraig Goch Badge£1.00
A is for Aber Car Sticker£3.00
Sunflower and Bee Car Sticker£3.00
Dinbych Letterbox Greetings Card£2.40
Does Unman Small Square White Frame£20.00
Draig Magnet£3.00
Edible Shoreline Large Greetings Card£2.40
Eglwys Y Grog, Mwnt Greetings Card£2.40
Ffrind Square Greetings Card£2.40
Ffrind Small Square White Frame£20.00
Fish in the Water Column Large Greetings Card£2.40
Flowers and Butterflies Lampshade£62.00
Daffodil Apron£19.00
Sheep Apron£19.00
Flowers Make-up / Travel bag £7.00
Aberaeron Tea Towel£12.50
Bannau Brycheiniog Tea towel£12.50
British Owls Tea Towel£12.50
British Wildflowers Tea Towel£12.50
Chickens Chart Tea Towel£12.50
Daffodil Tea Towel£12.50
Mushrooms Tea Towel£12.50
Ynyslas Tea towel£12.50
Forage Calendar Poster Print£12.00
Foraged Calendar Large Greetings Card£2.40
Foxes & Snowflakes Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Foxes & Snowflakes Poster Print£12.00
Foxes In The Snow Square Greetings Card - 5 Pack£6.95
Gee ceffyl bach Greetings Card£2.40
Gift Wrap£1.00
Castell Coch in the Snow Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Goat Major Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Happy Christmas Reindeer Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Nadolig Llawen Ceirw Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Nadolig Llawen Colomennod Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Gofyn Wyf Am Galon Hapus Square Greetings Card£2.40
Gofyn Wyf Framed Poster Print£40.00
Aberystwyth Sunset Standing Lamp£68.00
Gorge Greetings Card£2.40
Gwdihw Badge£1.20
Gyda'n Gilydd' 2nd Edition Welsh Childrens Rhymes Book£6.99
Happy Birthday To You Square Greetings Card£2.40
Hearts Square Greetings Card£2.40
High Tide Llangrannog Greetings Card£2.40
Home - Gift Decoration£6.00
Home Small Square White Frame£20.00
Blackbird Gift Decoration£6.00
Owl Gift Decoration£6.00
Hope Smiles Greetings Card£2.40
I Love You - Gift Decoration£3.00
I Must Go Down Poster Print£12.00
I Must Go Down... Coaster£4.50
I Must Go Down... Greetings Card£2.40
If I Had A Flower Greetings Card£2.40
Its Never Too Late Greetings Card£2.40
Lavender Soap£6.00
Lawr ar Lan Aberystwyth Large Greetings Card£2.40
Lawr Ar Lan Y Mor - Cloc Llanw - Tide Clock£30.00
Lemongrass Candle£8.00
Lemongrass Candle£8.00
Lemongrass Soap£6.00
Let it Snow Square Greetings card - 5 Pack£6.95
Llanbadarn Gatefold Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Llanfihangel Y Creuddyn Greetings Card - 6 Pack£3.00
Llangrannog Square Greetings Card£2.40
Llyfr Lliwio Colouring Book£3.50
Mackerel Square Greetings Card£2.40
Mackerel Small Square White Frame£20.00
Magic Things Greetings Card£2.40
Mecryll - Mackerel Apron£19.00
Mecryll - Mackerel Oven Gloves£25.00
Mi Welais Jac Y Do Poster Print£12.00
Millennium Centre Square Greetings Card£2.40
Montgomery Greetings Card - 6 Pack£6.95
Moon Cycle Large Greetings Card£2.40
Moon Cycle Poster Print£12.00
Mordaith Newydd Merch Fine Art Print£35.00£58.00
Morning Has Broken Square Greetings Card£2.40
Mumbles Poster Print£12.00
Murmurations Square Greetings Card£2.40
My heart is like a singing bird Greetings Card£2.40
Happy Christmas Fox and Birds Canvas Greetings Card - 5 Pack£6.95
Nadolig Bag Square Greetings Card - 5 Pack£6.95
Nadolig Llawen Defaid Square Greetings Card - 5 Pack£6.95
Welsh Lady and Cottage Greetings Card - 5 Pack£6.95
Nadolig Llawen - Bunting £6.00
Happy Christmas Tin Sign Letterbox Greetings Card - Pack of 5£6.95
Nadolig Llawen on Driftwood Mixed Pack - 5 Pack£6.95
Nadolig Llawen Wrapping Paper£2.50
Deep Peace Fine Art Print£35.00£44.00
Deep Peace Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
View From Mynydd Bach Fine Art Print£35.00£82.00
Winter Blessing Fine Art Print£35.00£44.00
National Library Aberystwyth Greetings card - 6 Pack£6.95